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Our team of senior consultants and coachs is multicultural.  Their complementary areas of expertise have grown from their multiple international experiences. They help you identify specific needs with a great capacity for attention and benevolence to imagine and design solutions that fit your highest standards. Our common objective is your success.

Susan Cortese


In her design and delivery work, Susan’s expertise includes communication, leadership, EQ competencies, management, teamwork, intercultural competencies, and creativity.  She has vast experience combining these topics in bespoke solutions.  She has worked with multicultural teams across the full range of business sectors.  Susan also leads master courses for coaches, consultants and helping professionals.   

Passionate about Emotional Intelligence and neuroscience, Susan includes havening techniques in her coaching practice to help people increase self-confidence and resilience. She facilitates team-building and corporate training to develop trust, assertiveness and leadership.  She thrives on stimulating insightful learning.

Born in the USA, she’s at home in France. Her international experience has given her valuable insight into behavioural and cultural differences, having worked dozens of countries in both English and French. Susan is an NLP Master Practitioner, Qualified Coach, DiSC Master Trainer, and Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner and Trainer.


Gaëlle Du Penhoat

Coach - Consultant

Gaëlle accompanies managers and teams in phases of major change to affirm their leadership and create positive dynamics. She has a pragmatic approach to harmonizing their interpersonal relations or optimizing their professional effectiveness.

Gaëlle is passionate about human behavior. Her practice integrates an individual’s three dimensions: Heart (emotions), Head (intellect and thoughts), and Body (actions and sensations). Gaëlle is committed to helping people reconcile performance and well-being.

Gaëlle is an accredited coach, sophrologist, and Havening Techniques practitioner. She’s a qualified consultant in Process Com, DiSC, InterQualia (Flow and emotional health), ECPA 360 feedback and Grow Leadership. She is the author of “La boite à outils de la gestion du stress”.

Andrea Wedell

Coach - Consultant

Andrea is a seasoned coach specialized in emerging leaders, creative entrepreneurship and career growth. Andrea focuses on the ability to communicate and be heard. She helps leaders build strong relationships by developing greater awareness about themselves. Andrea brings international expertise in coaching and facilitating cross-functional, and cross-cultural teambuilding events.

Andrea graduated from UCLA with a B.A in theater. She is certified in executive and life coaching, DiSC and Reach 360 assessment and has a degree in graphic design.

Simon Elliott

Coach - Consultant

Holding a Masters in Psychology and Philosophy from Nottingham U (GB), Simon has worked extensively on globalization and international management projects, specializing in core soft skills such as top management strategy, international negotiation, sales and intercultural leadership. He shares his expertise in developing these skills at individual, team and organizational levels.

Simon is an Everything DiSC and WorldWork International Profiler master trainer, Negotiation program head at HEC Executive Education business school, Associate Professor at EDHEC Executive Education and keynote speaker.

Yannick Roussel


Yannick’s management experience and talent for helping others combined with DiSC certification supports his coaching and management training. He helps people solve personal and managerial issues in a pragmatic yet profound way.

Yannick created a consulting firm in marketing and strategy for companies after 25 years in the industrial sector.   Yannick manages a French business school, he was the director of corporate relations and continuing education at Istec, as well as an associate professor. Yannick is also an International Mediator Judge.

Dee has brought great experience in numerous companies from a variety of sectors working with individuals and groups to develop skills in creativity and communication. Animated by a permanent curiosity about human hardships, expression and desire to communicate, Dee contributes her knowledge to the service of maieutic. Fulfilling her clients’ expectations and accompanying their blossoming are at the core of her personal investment and her enthusiasm.

Starting as a student in Beaux-arts in L.E.A. and Psychology, Dee later specialized in Education and Business. She is a university professor, translator in marketing, artist and poet. 

Dee Dalton Perez


Valérie Amé

Office Manager

Valerie’s expertise in commercial and operational administration ensures our clients’ satisfaction from the first contact through to the roll-out of our customized services.  Her fast, efficient and friendly responses to every inquiry make it a pleasure to work with Valerie.  Staying close to our clients gives her an instinctive understanding of their needs and expectations.

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