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Creators of your strategic training events

Are you looking for creative solutions that live up to your expectations? 


Trust us to imagine and develop learning projects that fulfil your ambitions. Our solid knowledge and vast experience in communication and management training coupled with our talent for bringing out the best in people will ensure the outcomes you seek.

Count on us to perk up your managers’ and teams’ resources, skills and professional impact.  We will create and deliver inspiring programs to get your participants up to speed. For over twenty years our originality and pedagogical prowess have been celebrated.

Our approach opens horizons, deepens insight, cultivates reflexes and reinforces confidence.

The Art of Communicating


With SBC, you perfect your assertiveness, give presentations with aplomb, coach your direct reports, persuade your clients, listen actively and build trusting relationships.  You get practice integrating powerful tools and methods to hone your messages in a program adapted to your goals and contexts.  

The Art of Managing


Avec SBC, you reassure your direct reports, give constructive feedback, adapt your style to delegate, motivate your team, listen to move forward and influence with integrity. You assume your management position with practice in tough simulations, bring out your management style, and develop the quality of your listening and decision-making to lead your team to success.

What makes us different?

  • Our talent for seeing the best in people and helping them shine

  • Our passion for transmitting and our gift for transforming

  • Our focus on your strengths and talents to help you learn from successes

  • Our application of creativity and emotional intelligence in all we do

  • Our comprehensive listening, pertinent observation and sharpened intuition

  • Our mastery of coaching process to trigger insights

  • Our fascination and study of the latest research in neuroscience and of innovative techniques in human sciences

  • Our vast international, multicultural et interpersonal skills and experience

  • Our aptitude for professional effectiveness rooted in empathy 

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